WG2 Vice-leader

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Other information:

Valentina Todorova is associate professor at the Institute of Oceanology, the Bulgarian Academy of Science, Bulgaria, currently responsible for department with 15 people staff.

She has a PhD in Hydrobiology and 24 years of experience in the field of biodiversity and ecology of the Black Sea zoobenthos and seabed habitats; marine monitoring and assessment, development of classification systems for ecological status assessment and monitoring programs under WFD and MSFD, seabed habitats classification and mapping; invasive alien species; designation of marine protected areas (NATURA 2000 marine SACs in the Bulgarian Black Sea) and conservation status assessment.

She has extensive experience as a team leader and researcher in national and international projects (e.g. CoCoNet 7FP EC, MESMA 7FP EC, Knowseas 7FP EC, ISMEIMP Financial Mechanism EEA).

Co-author of the Red book of the Republic of Bulgaria, Vol. 3, Natural habitats, 2015. 


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