Welcome to MARCONS

  • Welcome to MARCONS

    The MarCons COST Action CA15121 will consolidate a network of scientists and stakeholders who are involved in marine conservation in European and contiguous seas. By advancing the science of integrated conservation planning, promoting regional coordination and transboundary conservation, proposing specific conservation actions, accounting for climatic change and biological invasions, and providing guidance for assessing governance issues to make marine spatially managed areas more effective, this Cost Action aims to bridge the gap between conservation science and policy makers and substantially contribute to the challenge of halting biodiversity loss in the European Seas by 2020.


A short video presenting the MarCons COST Action


Scientific Publications

Operationalizing risk-based cumulative effect assessments in the marine environment

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MarCons Final Conference

Brussels, Belgium

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WG6 workshop on Do...

Rome, Italy

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MarCons “Workshop on mapping ocean...

Porto, Portugal

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MarCons WG2 “Workshop on Using...

San Sebastian, Spain

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WG4 workshop on “prioritization of...

Athens, Greece

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Training School Qualitative Mathematical...

Barcelona, Spain

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Training School “Making science matter:...

Venice, Italy

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Fifth Call for STSM Applications

The Action's fifth Call for Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSM) is out now. 

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MarCons workshop Engaging with...


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WG2 workshop on “Using NEAT...


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Workshop “Gender equity in European...


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WG1 workshop “Writing workshop to...


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Fourth Call for STSM Applications

The Action's fourth Call for Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSM) is out now. 

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